Why My Hairluxe?

Our Company deals strictly with Organic hair extensions of varying lengths. Organic hair is 'unprocessed' natural human hair; hair which has never been chemically treated in anyway, no perms, colours, no relaxers etc. This makes our hair the healthiest, strongest and shiniest hair you can buy. Why? Chemical processing tends to damage hair cuticles. The hair cuticle is the outermost (protective) layer of the hair, it is the first line of defense against all forms of damage. Much of what makes healthy hair so attractive is all controlled by the cuticle. When cuticles are damaged as a result of overprocessing, hair tends to look dull, tangles easily and becomes difficult to manage and unattractive after just a few washes.


Healthy 'intact' cuticles make hair feel smooth and avoids tangling. Hair extensions made from this type of healthy hair can be worn over and over again, and can last for many years. The hair on all My HairLUXE extensions is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

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