Aan Grace is a hair extensions consultant who specializes in raw and virgin human hair extensions and carefully crafted wigs. Having been in the hair extensions business for eight years, Aan grace has amassed tremendous knowledge and skills of the industry which she shares through coaching hair professionals as well as individuals.

Aan Grace offers unique, specialised and personalised wig services to achieve protective styling for clients. She uses carefully selected real hair donated by healthy donors in all her wig designs in order to adhere to her strict quality standards.
Her wigs provide versatile styling options without compromising on comfort. They are well and meticulously constructed either by hand or machine to achieve high longevity. Aan grace wigs are therefore durable to last you a long time and definitely make a statement wherever whenever.

Customer service and satisfaction is of utmost importance to her which is why she has sustained clients from around the world over the years.

Aside her custom wig services, her ready to wear/ready to ship units come in different styles and colours to suit different lifestyles and style preferences as well different occasions.